Please let us know if you are attending - by September 10, 2006!

Padberg Family Reunion
Saint Louis Missouri, USA
October 6, 7 & 8, 2006

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An Invitation

Hello from St. Louis, Missouri. My name is Julie Padberg-White, I am a member of the Padberg family (Carol & Fred Padberg parents, Margaret & George Padberg grandparents, Lorenz great grandfather) and am planning the reunion with Heinz-Bernd Padberg. In the mid 1980"s Dan Padberg planned our last family reunion here in the United States. It was a wonderful success which allowed us all to learn more about our lineage and it provided us the opportunity of creating life-long friendships with distant relatives around the world.

I encourage you to attend the reunion. It is my goal to create a well organized and efficient reunion that allows us all to learn more about our heritage, country of origin as well as history about the original Padberg immigrants to the United States. Most importantly, I"m hoping to provide everyone the opportunity to connect with both local, national and international relatives while enjoying good food.

Please look over the agenda, I hope it will inspire you to attend. Please also look over the links for accommodations and to various points of interest in St. Louis. There is much to do and see.

Also, please make your reservations by clicking on the link "Register to Attend". And if you can not make it, please click on "Family Historical Registry" so that we can collect your most current family information so that we can update our family historical information.

Please also take time to pass this website address on to your relatives so that we can reach as many Padberg, Pattberg, Patberg family members as possible.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you in October. If you would like to stay with a local family, please contact me and I will try to connect you to a host family.

- Julie

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